A Woman Left Mzansi In Tears After Hearing She Keeps The Money Under The Mattress In #Khuzeka

A Woman Left Mzansi In Tears After Hearing She Keeps The Money Under The Mattress In #Khuzeka

Source: Hashtag #Khuzeka Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




Mzansi Is Left in tears in the wake of hearing an account of how this lady put how much R12 300 under her cushion and sleeping pad. Mzansi really wanted to feel sorry or her in the wake of hearing that she is visually impaired.

Sister Augustina kept in touch with the show #Khuzeka on the grounds that she is stressed over her dearest companion named Mam Rubi. The lady feels individuals are exploiting her since she can’t see. Sister Augustina think her companion is spending her funds not concurring and needs assistance from the Old Shared in dealing with her funds and her costs.

It should be so difficult going visually impaired further down the road since now you need to begin without any preparation like a kid. Individuals have been taking cash from Mam Rubi since she is visually impaired. It’s seems like Sister Augustina is the one assisting Mam Rubi with her everyday life rather than her natural child.

An elderly person who is living with her two youngsters are attempting to deal with her funds. She is getting R12 300 every month for rental room, yet she isn’t savings..the lady is as yet utilizing the old style where she holds the cash under the bedding.

He lady said that she blew about R40 000 to R50 000 which was in her home. The lady doesn’t have a ledger. Individuals who leased pay lease in hands rather through bank. She had a child who drink and use weeds who likewise took from her occasionally.

Mzansi were frustrated that her kids are not aiding her, she just depend on her companions. The lady were glad that her companions had the option to help her since she didn’t have the foggiest idea who to do. She said individuals would now and again go into the house and took the cash without seeing anything.