A wedding ceremony! A very simple Amazing & classy.

On Our Perfect Wedding last night we witnessed the matrimonial ceremony of Pearl and Sthembiso. A couple that met at a cultural dance for young girls. Sthembiso asked for Pearls number from a mutual friend they have who also attended the dance. Sthembiso didn’t back down on his attempt to try to get Pearl who wasn’t easily convinced of Sthembiso’s love that at some stage she blocked him. However love prevailed as they now tied the knot.

This couple went all out on their wedding day, from the dress to the suit they looked amazing. There was nothing to fault at this wedding, their personalities are good also no drama but they are lovers of good things. Pearl’s dress looked spectacular it fitted her perfectly so did the groom’s suit compliment the bride’s dress. The guests also get the memoir they looked extraordinaire.




However Mzansi was blown away by the decor at this wedding. The bride and groom’s chairs looked like wings, the dining area looked like a small haven. The deco lady went all out. She overly understood the assignment and delivered a deco fit for Kings and Queens. Mzansi was left raving more about the decor than the wedding itself.
This wedding was the last one to be broadcast in 2021 and it’s understandable why, that’s how you wrap the year. They saved the best for last. Congratulations to Sthembiso and Pearl for gracing our screens with a superb wedding ceremony!