A Video Of Zithulele With Sli’s Body Lands In The Hands Of Mzwandile And He Is Ready For His Revenge

Life has not been easy for Zithulele Bhengu after hitting and killing Slindile with his car. Zithulele was traveling with his new found love, Sibongile, when he unintentionally hit Slindile. The couple of course panicked and went about hiding the body and fled the crime scene.

Little did they know that someone is recording them while getting rid of the body and taking a piece of evidence they left behind. A woman by the name of Nozinyo comes to the picture with all the evidence that incriminate Zithulele and Sibongile.

Nozinyo eventually takes a piece of evidence to blackmail Zithulele Bhengu and he does not take it lightly when he points a gun to her demanding that she gives him the piece of evidence she took from the crime scene. Zithulele does not know that Nozinyo has the worse evidence that could send him to prison should it land on wrong hands and wrong hands it does lands.



The video first gets to Nkululeko who leaves it laying around and Makhosazana finds the video. Makhosazana is always ready for some blackmail because she is power hungry and she wants the Bhengu power. She will use the video to get to Zithulele by using Mzwandile.

Makhosazana will take the video to Mzwandile and tells him that she is willing to help him avenge his sister’s death. As we all know that Mzwandile is a stubborn man who is always ready to fight hard, he will use Makhosazana’s advice to kill Zithulele and she will plan everything. Makhosazana will use her connections to the Bhengu family to find out where and when Zithulele will be to make it easy for Mzwandile to get to him.

Zithulele will fight to save his life while Mzwandile will fight to kill. Eventually Zithulele will get out of Mzwandile’s hands unharmed while he leave Mzwandile in pain. Zithulele will eventually hands himself to the police for his crime of unintentionally killing Slindile.

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