A touching reason why Diana who broke the World Record for the longest fingernails won’ t cut them

There are reasons why certain things happen in this world . A report was issued by IOL news of a woman who made it into the Guinness World Records for having the longest fingernails in the history of humanity . Her fingernails are reported to be thirteen meters long , and she has no plans to cut them any time soon . She may have made it to the Guinness World Records , but it came with a price .

In accordance with the report , the woman has not cut her fingernails since 1997 in honour of the memory of her late daughter .The woman who was identified as Diana Armstrong , who is from the United States informed that she was not willing to cut her nails any time soon because it was the only remaining connection to her late daughter .





Diana’s daughter reportedly did her mother’s nails the night before she died in her sleep . She was only sixteen when she died . It was expressed by Diana that it was her daughter who always did her nails when she was still alive . However , tragedy struck the morning after her daughter had done the nails . Diana reportedly received a phone call when she was at the grocery store informing that her daughter Tisha was not waking up. It was because she had succumbed to an Asthma attack during her sleep .

Although her other kids have encouraged her to cut the fingernails , she has reportedly refused to listen to them . Raina Armstrong , who is a daughter of Diana reportedly said that she was not happy with her mother keeping the fingernails until she heard the reasons.The maintenance of the fingernails is difficult , but she is assisted by her grandchildren . Each fingernail reportedly takes between four and five hours to be done .

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