A Sangoma has threatened to bewitch Uyajola 9/9 presenter

Uyajola 9.9 moderator Jub is under serious and accursing dangers following the broadcasting of the last evening episode.

The episode included a sangoma embed which landed Jub to be trailed by dangers as the one of the sangoma’s taken steps to charm Jub.

Obviously, Uyajola 9.9 is one of the most emotional and rushed shows to at any point emerge from Mzansi’s TV.

Whether the show has been getting reaction for abusing others’ security or just the host being named hazardous to both the watchers and show visitor.



One thing about Uyajola 9.9 is that watchers have an adoration can’t stand relationship. Notwithstanding, the previous evening truly had watchers as eager and anxious as ever as Jub uncovered a sangoma accomplice that was undermining his sangoma accomplice.

When uncovered, the male sangoma terminated dangers that he will entrance Uyajola 9.9 host, Jub.

What additionally has strike scores of watcher is the means by which the both sangoma’s couldn’t predict, whether the woman was being undermined or the man was going to get found cheating.

The inquiry is truly around the credibility of customary healers having the high abilities. Notwithstanding, the previous evening episode has put the conventional and genealogical calling under a magnifying glass.

Some tweeps are as yet helped to remember the misfortune where younger students lost their lives following the mishap cause by Jub and his companion while vehicle hustling in a public region.

Tweeps are requiring the late children to be recollected and regarded for they lost their lives awkward on account of criminals.

Source: https://zalebs.com/top-of-the/jub-jub/a-sangoma-threatened-to-bewitch-jub-jub