A popular radio presenter is in trouble after saying this on facebook

A new radio presenter who recently joined the KwaZulu Natal based commercial radio station Gagasi FM is in trouble for making a joke on her Facebook.

Penny Ntuli the host of the midnight radio show on Gagasi 99.5FM created a joke that didnt sit well to many of her followers on facebook, Ntuli created a joke about the listener and her follower who passed away.


Ntuli made her name for herself in the broadcasting industry in KwaZulu Natal, as she started her career on Durban’s community radio stations, the likes of Vibe FM and Inanda FM before she moved to Gagasi FM early this year.

A fight broke out on Facebook when the radio star commented on another post about the death of this fan, and it is unclear how he died.

Penny wrote that she ” will find rest now that the deceased is no longer in the world”.

According to her, the deceased also used to tease her on the same social media ( facebook) and he would not forget all this because he has passed away, and many were offended by this.

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