A Popular Celebrity To Appear On “I blew It” For Wasting R500K : See Who It Is

Most of the people who appear on the show are people who won the national lottery, road accident funds and those who inherited money from their parents. Celebrities rarely go to the show but from time to time, celebrities such as former Mamelodi Sundowns player Tso Vilakazi have made an appearance on the show, detailing how they splurged money until it finished.

Now, the show has a popular celebrity coming to their show to give in detail how he spent his hard earned money. Former Yizo Yizo actor Innocent Masuku is the man set to appear on the show which has a lot of viewers.




Masuku is known to be a former drug addict who recently went to rehab to fight off the habits of using drugs which destroyed his life and his acting career which had a lot of promise when he broke into the TV screens.

Masuku has already given a little bit of details by revealing how he was introduced to drugs by his friend, mainly cocaine which he got addicted to. He says that he spent around Half a Million (R500 000) on drugs, something he regrets deeply.

Innocent has changed his life around and is now giving advice to the youth to stay away from drugs. He will get the perfect platform when he appears on the popular show.

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Actor Innocent Masuku to Appear on How I Blew It, He Spent R500 000 on Drugs