A Picture of ‘Rachel Kunutu’ that got People talking on the internet.

Most people think that is is very cool or even an achievement to be popular, but then fame without a bank balance to back it up can be problematic. Being a famous person comes with a lot of expectations which mostly need money to maintain. That is why sometimes most famous people end up in deep debts trying to maintain their soft life.

A picture of Lesego Marakalla, popularly known as Rachel Kunutu from Skeem Saam has surfaced on social media and got people talking. The picture shows Lesego Marakalla seemingly taking a ride on public transport.



For ordinary people that could have easily been a normal travelling from one destination to another without hesitation. However for celebrities that is a different story, all eyes will be on you and if you like having peace of mind that would be devastating and frustrating.

When people saw the pic of Lesego on social media they reacted with mixed emotions. Some people didn’t have a problem with her riding on public transport, however others suggested that she lacks financial muscles to sustain her soft life.

When Lesego left the screens from Skeem Saam she was the wife of business tycoon Marothi and she lived a flamboyant fancy lifestyle. Most people regarded her as the founder of ‘soft life’ because of her effortless expensive lifestyle. However the young star chose to quit acting and went to focus on her studies.