A Man That Recently Met Musa Mseleku Left People Talking After He Did This In #Mnakwethu

A Man That Recently Met Musa Mseleku Left People Talking After He Did This In #Mnakwethu






This season of #Mnakwethu women are really putting their foot down. Woman are tired of being made a fool by a man who claim to love them.

The one thing that love about this season is how these women put their feet down, they6 tired of being disrespected by their husband’s. Today’s episode of #Mnakwethu Musa Mseleku help a man Macingwana to break it down to him wife about his intentions 9f taking second wife.

Macingwana and His wife MaNgcobo had their first child in 2019, and the husband is when he met the sidechick in 2019. Mzansi has concluded that he was cheating on his pregnant wife when he start dating the sidechick in 2019.

People suprised that Macingwana was to take 21 years old girl and make his second wife. Mzansi have reacted to a 21 year old girl who is thinking about marriage already when she’sstill young. The lady hasn’t experienced anything yet of relationship and yet she said that she is ready for new challenge.

The lady is saying that he had always wanted to be in polygamous marriage but did not know how to break it to his wife. Followers has been saying that he is not ready to handle to women. Fans are wondering if she even finish her varsity studies.

This child is way too young for this., and she’s still busy saying that she wants to get into polygamy. He even comfortable saying that she will grow up in it. Meaning that his older than the girl. Musa Mseleku think that he is using poligamy to cover up his cheating habits”.

This show rides on the fact that there is this wife w