A Man Become A Laughing Stock After He Was Spotted Wearing Flip Flops At A Graduation

Apparently people in Facebook page are currently making this boy as a laughing stock. They are laughing at him one stopped. People are failing to understand his reason why he did not wear formal shoes while he knows his going for graduation. Other people are feeling sorry for him but there are those who does not because he was wearing student for many years. People want to know what was he wearing all those years he was still a student.

Some people are saying that the shoes could be hurting him that he cannot put them one and that’s the other reason why his seen with flips flops at a graduation. It seems like people are quick to judge but forget that we are not all born in rich families and they don’t know the living standards of this young man.

People are good at laughing and judging. We don’t know what he’s passed through just for him to reach this far. The least we can do is being happy and congratulet him. It’s not easy especially being a man it’s not easy. Some followers switch good hearts have send their much love to this man, for being so courageous and am sure it wasn’t easy for him, but he have done it.

let’s send love and support to this man without laughing and judge. He really deserves it after he had been working hard for many years for his special day.