A look at The Queen actress Harriet Khoza ‘Connie Ferguson’s children from different marriages

Connie Ferguson’s outstanding career spanning decades has generated several headlines. The role of Karabo Moroka on Generations catapulted her into the spotlight. The fact that she portrayed the persona for fifteen years before retiring is intriguing.

Following her departure, she became a co-owner of Ferguson Films, which she co-founded with her late husband, Shona Ferguson. She has starred in several shows in recent years, including The Queen, The Wild, and Kings of Jo’burg. However, her failed marriage has catapulted her into the limelight amid the chaos.

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Many people, no doubt, are curious about her family size. While we finally put together the pieces of the puzzle regarding her offspring 52 years after she gave birth, her young appearance may have hinted at this. Let’s go into the ages of her kids.
Pictures: A look at The Queen actress Harriet Khoza ‘Connie Ferguson’s children from different marriages

Connie’s marriage to fellow actor and producer Neo Matsunyane in 1993 was a major event in the entertainment industry. The fact that they finally married the wedding after being blessed with a child in 1992 is intriguing, though. In spite of this, after five years together, their relationship began to deteriorate. By 1998, they had mutually decided to end their relationship.

Lesedi Matsunyane with Neo Matsunyane

Lesedi Matsunyane’Lesedi Matsunyane: Image source @Instagram

Ferguson Films’ casting director, she has a BA in Live Performance from AFDA. Lesedi, who is always full of energy, is multitalented, having also worked as an actor, producer, cast coordinator, and content developer. She has starred in a number of successful dramas in recent years, including Rhythm City and The Queen.

She met and married fellow actor Shona Ferguson three years later in 2001. In 2002, they were given the gift of a daughter..

Alica Ferguson with Shona Ferguson

Connie FergusonConnie Ferguson: Image source @Instagram

As a dancer and drummer, she has been in demand since she was born in 2002. Apart from being the youngest, she was also Shona’s favorite, and their father and daughter scenes never failed to wow. Although she passed her matriculation examination successfully a few months ago, we have not yet made any connections about her future job.