A Lady Recently Left People Talking In Social Media After She Did This In #Mamazala

Source: Hashtag #Mamazala twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Another in-laws that thinks they are entitled to everything. A Woman known as Marcia wrote to #Mamazala after her in-laws have been denying knowing her, but they identified her late husband’s ex-girlfriend as his real wife. What this woman went through is very painful, losing a child and her husband then have to deal with this #Mamazala. This family’s heartless, the poor woman lost her child and her husband in a space of just two weeks and they did this to her.

The sad part about this whole thing is it’s women who always does this to other women. Black men, learn to ensure that you all have wills ones you get married. This needs to stop. Women who have nothing and waiting for their brothers to die so they can live off his money.





Some sisters-in-law are a pandemic. In every episode we meet mother-in-law or sister-in-laws fighting things that does not belong to them. They know the daughter in law when their child is still alive but when his passes on they don’t know her. Why do some in-laws bring estranged baby mamas at their sons’ funerals to fight with the wife?

They are like that either you killed your husband or they fight for the things that you have worked for together. Every week we watch the same story, they don’t change – province to province. The sisters-in-law is denying anything after they took out those documents and showed where she wrote and signed. Some sister-in-laws though.

The sisters-in-law says that her brother was married to Abigail but, Abigail is married to another man but claiming estate for another one. This sister in law is the one working to get this money. She is the one who signed off the Lobola negotiationn and she has been receiving money from Marcia but she still denying knowing her.

The sister forgot to tip off her brother who she ei now saying that his not a brother but a nephew to the family. Bra Solomon is a man amongst men, he doesn’t take nonsense even if it’s from his family. Bro Solomon threw everyone under the bus. He’s not taking part in their scheming and lies. He tells the truth. God see this man, he just came through for a grieving widow against evil sister-in-laws.

They’ll never invite Solomon in any family meetings. Solomon doesn’t want to serve time for these shenanigans, he’s going to tell the truth in court and these women are going to serve time behind bars. They better abandoned this stupid get rich scam they’re cooking.

Next time they plan to lie about something, they should make sure they briefed everyone involved to support their lies. Ladies need get their papers in order because families will take your money to bury their child and say they have never met you on national television.