A Lady left SA in stitches after she shared vids of how she looked like before and after the Groove

It appears that the 21st century has given young people a platform to abuse alcohol in any way they want, as nowadays they no longer seek approval from home when they want to go and groove and other young kids can spend the rest of the weekend without going home.




Yesterday there was a viral video of a young lady who was showing off her beauty before she heads out to play with other kids. On the video she was saying that her body is stunning and she was also doing 360 degrees turn arounds , showing off her bum along with her friend.

However, the problem was when advocate leaked a video of her after the groove. On the video after the groove ,her weave was lost and she was looking like a mess. Her outfit was dirty and she was saying things that didn’t make sense as she said she was at a colour party.

After South Africans saw the video after the gig, they laughed at her saying that she was mopping the floor with her weave, that’s the reason it got lost. They laughed at what she said On the second video as she was explaining why her outfit is dirty “No friend, every color she was on top. She was roaming on top”.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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Source: https://twitter.com/advobarryroux/status/1578605063878373376?s=46&t=bwhjqEefDwLMuJ8Dsqw1KA