A Lady Left Her Husband Disappointed After She Admits To Have Cheated On Him In #ForeveMaybe Show

A Lady Left Her Husband Disappointed After She Revealed Her Deepest Secrets In #ForeveMaybe 





Skhumbuzo is left disappointed after hearing the bombshell that Anelisa revealed during the therapy session. Skumbuzo is finding it difficult to swallow this pill, which ia the same pill he keeps dishing out over and over again.

He is left disappointed because he thought he is the only one who is capable of cheating. Skhumbuzo never thought that Anelisa would do this to him. Skhumbuzo has cheated so many times in their marriage, but never thought Anelisa would do the same. 

Her husband have been cheating almost 10 years in their marriage, and he now get shocked when his wife decides to have some fun.

When Anelisa said “It felt good, I was doing it for my happiness”, viewers immediately saw that Skhumbuzo is not coping after the bombshell, he is feeling the taste of his own medicine.

People are happy that she said in front of him that she is happy and getting attention elsewhere. This is after he said he’s the one driving the sex ship. Viewers is convinced that Skhumbuzo think the relationship is all about him, and when she tells him that she’s not happy he gets turned off. 

Skhumbuzo deserves to get cheated on , Anelisa should’ve chosen the guy she’s cheating with. He think Anelisa slept with the man. Anelisa said to him that she was doing everything that every couple have been doing. Skhumbuzo did not think that Anelisa would get someone who will enjoy her since he said her sex is bad. People in twitter think that she is lying and she did all this to spite him since he has been doing this to her for the past 10 years.

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