A Lady Is Left In Tears After Finding This About Her Father In #Abandoned. Here Is What Happened

A Lady Is Left In Tears After Finding This About Her Father In #Abandoned. Here Is What Happened

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Today’s episode of #Abandoned was very pain because both parents have passed on. The #AbandonedMzansi team has helped Lerato on her quest to find her father who has been missing in her life for years. Today’s episode is heartbreaking, she’s all alone. But we’re glad she found his father side of family.

Lerato wrote to #AbandonedMzansi because she is looking for her father who left her when she was still young. Many people have written to the show and they have been assisted in finding their parents who have abandoned them. Followers are always nervous when watching this show, because we are not sure where at the end the father would be found alive or deceased but only hoping for the best. This lady is looking for her father, but it turns out he’s dead and Phumeza chose to let the uncle tell her. Meeting her extended family will at least comfort her.

Her story is very painful. She need mother’s love but she can’t because she died without telling her anything about anything. She is 25 years old and she need closure and support because she has been struggling as she can’t find other reasons why her father abandoned her. She need the relationship between father and a daughter. Little did she knew that her father is no more, is deceased. Her parents dated back when they were studying in University of Zululand, Onganyo University. Apparently they were dating and her mother got pregnant. According to the uncle, her mother did not want to be part of the relationship. The father passed away when she was just 8 months.

Lerato found out her dad passed when she was 8 months old. This is so sad her mother is to be blamed for not telling her the truth while she was still alive. Her mother should have told her that her father passed. Her mom was unfair though if she knew about his passing but I guess she had her reasons but she should have told her nonetheless. Some men and partenal families are denied the blessing of raising their kids by women who are trying to prove a point a child’s expense. But at the end children grow up and realise who was the toxic parent. I feel for her…the hope she had going through it (the insults from stepdad) believing she’ll meet her father one day.