A Lady Is Left Embarrassed After She Went #Uyajola99 To Expose Her Boyfriend & This Is What Happened

A Lady Is Left Embarrassed After She Went #Uyajola99 To Expose Her Boyfriend & This Is What Happened





Mzansi have reacted to Jub-Jub after he was seen sitting down, and adding fuel to the fire with the ladies who were fighting over a man. A lady wrote to Jub Jub because she suspect that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

A Lady has embarrassed herself In front of Jub Jub and the people at the clinic. A lady has caught her boyfriend with another lady at the clinic. His boyfriend went to hospital for check up with his sidechick instead of his main girlfriend.

During the confrontation the lady was embarrassed after her boyfriend started revealed her secrets in national tv. It’s sad that the guy was just sitting down because he injured his leg.

Her boyfriend was disclosing information about her to his side chick, which is the information thay she was using against her. These guy pillow talks to his side chick about his main chick. The man said he cheated on her because she comes back from the tavern at 02:00am in the morning and she wants a man to take her serious.

The Lady has disappointed her fans and followers after it was revealed that her boyfriend was willing to accept her with her two kids. He said the problem is that she does not want to change her behavior. He said she goes at night and drinks nine stop. He said she does not take care of her kids where by her mother end up taking kids.

The episode has left many people confused including Jub-Jub. Jub Jub was disappointed at the lady who called her to Qwaqwa hospital. The lady have tried holding stirring controversy but didn’t win. Juj Jub was confused where he end up saying the lady has wasted his time. Many people in twitter have reacted to this lady after seeing that her story does not add up.

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