A Lady & Her Mother Left Mzansi Disappointed After They Did This To This Old Woman In #Mamazala

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed By This Lady & Her Mother After They Did This In #Mamazala

Source: Hashtag #Mamazala twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

James is limited when it comes to women emotions, today’s show needed a female presenter. Athi wrote to #Mamazala became she want her mother in-law to be part in her son’s life. It’s sad that she even want maintenance from someone who’s mentally dysfunctional. She know that the baby daddy is not well menetal, he has dipolar but want to be taken care.





The mother in-law’s story makes so much sense. She knows her facts, this situation is the same as Nonku who wanted Ayanda to pay for Sfisos responsibilities. The partenal granny is being forced in something that doesn’t involve her if she’s trying to help that doesn’t mean she must be forced. You can see that she’s in a lot of pain. There is so much more to this.

The granny being held responsible for Papgeld. They want financial support, but refuse the paternal grandmother access to see the child. The lady and her mother are mad for wanting maintenance from a man getting a disability grant. The mother of the child is a liar and the maternal grandmother supports her child, although knowing very well she lies. They are the reason the child has anger issues, althought they try to blame the father or paternal grandmother.

#Mamazala fans and followers are still left speechless at the part where they said the baby daddy is being sexually abused in prison. I also feel this mother’s pain, it’s not easy to live with a child, who is mentally sick, maybe these parents should have written to a different show. People should learn to take full responsibility of their kids,this grandma should not be forced to do it, she is already going through the most.