A Lady celebrated Her 23th Birthday But Mzansi Is Not Happy After They Noticed This

A Lady Celebrated Her 23th Birthday But Mzansi Is Not Happy After They Noticed This 




Mzansi Is finding its hard to believe that this lady is actually 23 years old. One of Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux have recently taken to his Twitter where he share pictures of a lady who recently celebrated her 23th birthday. 

Mzansi have show their mixed reactions after noticing that the lady looks older than her real age. We are living in a time where by kids are being loved by food. The food which they eat, makes them grow old faster than expected. 

Apparently followers has been sending their Happy 23rd Birthday to the lady. The lady was seen in a photo shoot where she was wearing a night dress. The lady was seen holding 23 number and a number and Ballonas she celebrates her birthday.

Apparently not everyone agreed with her when she said she’s 23 years old. Many fans and followers who have reply to this tweet were not convinced that the lady is actually 23 years old. Many people has been thinking that she looks like she’s 32 years. Instead of 23 years.

Some fans think that she’s holding the wrong numbers In the wrongway. Viewers has been saying that she should reconsider looking back at her birth certificate since numbers doesn’t correspond.