A Lady Become The First Lady To Steal Mzansi’s Heart With Her Smile In #SingleAndMingle [WATCH]

A Lady Become The First Lady To Steal Mzansi’s Heart With Her Smile In #SingleAndMingle [OPINION]

Sources: Hashtag #SingleAndMingle Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

For the first time we see viewers of #SingleAndMingle agreeing into one thing thing about the recent couple that recently went on a blind date. Tonight on #SingleAndMingle we meet couple which has stole Mzansi heart. Viewers of #SingleAndMingle have loved these couple after seeing that they are perfect and good for each other.

When Precious first saw Sihle she was blew away, but potential guy Sihle was not feeling the same vibe as hers. She was already in love and ready and willing to show the guy how much she likes him. This was a great opportunity for this guy to put words in order for him to get another date.

Matchmaker have finally passed the exam. This couple looks like a good match. The potential lady Precious were caught off gut, she was impressed with what she was seeing in her potential date. Mzansi have loved how romantic and cute when they are share the meal on the same plate.

Both Precious and Sihle are looking for person who is right for them. They both have kids outside. The lady cannot stop smiling when talking to her potential guy. Mzansi have noticed that the lady is talking more oftenly about baby mama’s, instead of her trying to know the guy while he doesn’t want to be asked about his baby mama.

Precious is not really ready for commitment, but she was asking a lot about the baby mama. It’s sad that she was ready to mingle with Sihle but he is not ready to mingle with her.

What your thoughts and views about the couple that recently went on a blind date in #SingleAndMingle.