A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After She Attended Event Wearing This But Mzansi Noticed This

People have reacted to a picture of a woman who recently attended a function wearing a Zulu traditional attire. There is a picture of a woman who is circulating on social media. The pictures has been the talk where by many people have reacted after noticing something about the lady.




The woman was seen young wearing Zulu traditional attire and she also hold a stick without shoes. The lady was seen wearing a short Zulu’s skirt that everyone likes to wear when there’s Zulu events. People in social media have noticed that the lady did not wear her shoes and and she wears a short skirts that reveals her things.

People on Facebook have show their reactions to this lady after noticing that her legs should have been protected instead of coming out. Many people did not like her legs while some has been saying that she’s try so hard to be feminine but her legs have other plans.

Many people have reacted to the skin of the lady after noticing that her legs have armpits. They were not pleased with her skin and many has been advising her to do something with it. Some people thinks she is not a woman but a man.

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