A Lady Accused Her Friend Of Taking This Amount Of Money That Was Sent By Her Boyfriend. See Details

Thembisa is such a powerhouse with a vibrant personality. Tonight we have the nes premiere of #Suxoka on Mzansi Magic which is hosted by Thembisa Mdoda. The drama in the show is too much, if you were fan of #Sengkhathele this is another hot show.

Watching #Suxoka for the first time tonight, and I’ve concluded that it’s a show for Moja Love 157. Pollan wrote to the show #Suxoka because she want to find out whether her former flatmate took her R5000 money that was sent by her boyfriend or not. This room sharing with a total stranger wasn’t supposed to happen from the start. Now it’s not clear whether the boyfriend did deposit the money or no.





Imagine being accused without a proof. This is What happened between two former flatmate. The boyfriend didn’t send the money to begin with. He could have reverse the money. That means her boyfriend withdrawed that R5000.00 money. You can’t send an amount over R3000 as cash send on all banks. Now we have banks, you don’t need to cash sender.

Ntsiki seem sincere and confident. Many fans voted for her as they think she took the money, otherwise, she could be a best actor. And she was still busy laughing with her. Ntsiki have passed the test and it has proven that she was telling the truth all along.

Ntsiki is a such a forgiving person. I probably would’ve cut her off. Imagine how many people she told about this it took a whole lie detector for her to believe that there’s no friendship.

It’s completely wrote to accused someone without a congcrate proof. The way she approached the accusations It says a lot about how she perceives Ntsiki,the friendship might aswell end. It’s the fact that she was straight up telling Ntsiki that she stole the money. She then had the nerve to her that she missed her. There’s no coming back from this boo.