‘A king and his things’ Minnie Dlamini comments on Andile Mpisane’s post

Minnie Dlamini commented on Andile Mpisane’s picture and said “A king and his things” after Andile Mpisane shared pictures to his instagram page of their cars, their house and of his Louis Vuitton shoes.

MamKhize and Minnie Dlamini have such a good relationship. MamKhize even threw Minnie a baby shower in Kwa-Zulu Natal with Minnie’s family’s when she was expecting her baby. So Minnie is practically like family to MamKhize.





It’s no doubt that Andile Mpisane is living the soft life. He shows off his fancy cars and name brand clothing. He is always at groove buying expensive bottles. A few others were also in his comments such as his mom, MamKhize, uncle Vinny and his wife Tamia Mpisane. She commented the king Kong emoji’s. Andile Mpisane only responded to his wife’s comments with hearts.

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