A heart-warming Tribute by the late Dj Sumbody’s Mother.

The family of the late Dj Sumbody hosted his memorial service at Lewende Woord Church in Centurion, Gauteng on Wednesday. Family, friends and the music industry at large gathered in Pretoria to celebrate the life of Oupa Sefoka popularly known as Dj Sumbody.

The program of the ceremony had so many speakers due to the kind of diverse businesses that Sumbody was involved in. Sumbody’s mother delivered a touchy message, through a family representative during the memorial service.





In her tributary message which was read in Sepedi, the mother indicated that she thought her journey with her son was still long. She talked of how she would have loved to witness her son getting married and turning her into a grandmother. 

Unfortunately the mother didn’t know that God had his own plans with her son. The plans that would leave the mother heartbroken and the entire nation shocked with so many questions without answers on what could have really happened. 

The mother also expressed her sorrow and agony from the unexpected loss she endured through the passing of his son. “I have felt so much pain that, I don’t even have words to express my emotions.”

The mother really didn’t know or expect that one day she would be contacted to be informed about the passing of her own son. Such terrible news for any parent because if it was upon me, no parent would see themselves burying their own children.

However, she gave credit to his son for transforming his life from being Oupa Sefoka into becoming a popular Dj Sumbody and giving the family a good image.

“You gave this family dignity and made it proud. You started from being a taxi driver, to going around with sound systems, because you knew what you were doing. You worked very hard our Dj, even though we are broken by your sudden death. Everyone can see that, indeed a great man has fallen. May your soul rest in peace.” The speaker concluded.

Amongst other speakers at the event, were Sumbody’s younger brother Tsibu Sefoka, musicians Cassper Nyovest and Vettys.

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