A Girl claiming to know DJ Black Coffee in the bedroom

Twitter is abuzz following the claims of a girl named Lindokuhle [Lindor Hughes], that she knows the renowned DJ Black Coffee behind closed doors.



On her tweet, she claimed to have been an inspiration behind the DJ’s smash album titled ‘Subconsciously’. This has caused a stir on the social media platform, with many people debating the veracity of her claims.

While some are skeptical, others are taking her words at face value. Regardless, whether she is lying or telling the truth, her tweet has sparked a conversation and has many people talk about it.

Lindokuhle admits to have had a lousy romantic relationship with DJ Black Coffee. She continues to make bizarre claims that had she been impregnated the DJ, she would be a rich lady by now.

“To think that I once had a lousy relationship with @RealBlackCoffee and I used to swallow his sp*rm thinking I’ll be wealthy lol ow konje the SUBCONSCIOUSLY album was celebrated in between my legs, the funny part about this is, m still broke as’F thanks bye!”. Lindokuhle wrote.