A fan suggests men wear heels to match their womens’ height, after seeing Bontle and Priddy.

God has made us differently and we can’t judge or discriminate people based on something that they are not responsible for. It is the most beautiful thing to see people embracing their differences and not letting people get to them. It is good especially on something that you are can’t change.

Bontle Modiselle is a multitalented star. She’s an actress, dancer, television presenter and entrepreneur. She currently has a dance studio which is something close to her heart because she loves dancing wholeheartedly. She’s happily married to rapper Priddy Ugly whom she’s been with for years now. They have a beautiful daughter named Afrika.





The couple graced us with a picture of them at the Durban July event. We guess they were busy as they only posted yesterday. Bontle is taller than her husband on pictures because of the heels. One of their fans complained that men needed heels as well to match their women’s heights. Which we agree with.

Source: Instagram