‘A Curryn’: X users compare Tom Curry to a Karen

South African rugby lovers across the country are standing behind Springbok star Bongi Mbonambi. This after he was accused by England player Tom Curry of using a racial slur — something he vehemently denies. While the World Rugby administration has promised to get to the bottom of the matter, no progress has been made. Mbonambi — who is waiting to hear whether or not he will be able to compete — reportedly continues to train with the rest of the Springboks ahead of the World Cup Final during which they face New Zealand.

In the meantime, South Africans have resorted to slamming Curry and have now dubbed him the “male form of a Karen”.



While racism is an extremely sensitive topic for South Africans, many of them have brushed off the accusations of racism levelled against Springbok Bongi Mbonambi by England’s Tom Curry.

Many are standing firmly behind the Springbok player who Curry claims directed a racial slur at him.

This has been denied by Mbonambi who is now waiting to hear whether or not he will be allowed to face the All Blacks for the RWC final.

Spingboks’ Bongi Mbonambi accused of racially abusing England’s Tom Curry [LISTEN AUDIO]
Spingboks’ Bongi Mbonambi is accused of racially abusing England’s Tom Curry. Images via Twitter @Patricia344130

In the meantime, his South African fans have resorted to blasting Curry who they say is trying to stir trouble because of their semifinal loss against the Springboks last week.

One person bizarrely referred to Curry as the male version of a Karen.

“Is Tom Curry the accepted male form of a Karen? A Curryn.” wrote t