6 years later – meet the woman who asked Unathi Nkayi for weight loss advice and followed it

She meets a lot of admirers because she is one of Mzansi’s most well-liked celebrities. She’s also generally friendly to them, taking the occasional selfie with them, laughing with them, and perhaps imparting some knowledge. Unathi Nkayi, on the other hand, is a mere mortal. So when a fan approaches her and she shows no emotion or registers no recognition, it’s simply because she has forgotten about the initial meeting.

Nondwe Mei followed Unathi Nkayi’s weight loss advise and it worked.


Uthathi couldn’t believe it when a woman named Nondwe Mei approached her and claimed they’d met before. She was in astonishment by the time her memory had caught up. “I exclaimed, ‘Nondwe WTF Joe, you look so hot,'” says the narrator. Unathi confirmed on Monday that this was the same Nondwe who had sought her guidance on weight loss in 2016.

From the moment she realised she wasn’t satisfied with her appearance, the South African media personality and radio broadcaster has frequently documented her weight reduction struggle. Unathi also utilises her social media profiles to celebrate and share her weight loss objectives, as well as to encourage others to do similarly. Nondwe Mei is one of many women who have been motivated by the fitness enthusiast.

Nondwe contacted the mother of two in 2016 and asked if she could help her lose weight. Unathi got down with Nondwe and allegedly offered her a diet plan and a workout routine to follow. Unathi’s suggestion was followed, and six years later, the woman is practically unrecognisable. When Unathi saw Nondwe again, she rushed to Instagram to express her feelings.