5FM Dj Smash Afrika allegedly cheats on Rami Chuene’s daughter with Msaki

Ku“Msaki “has received negative press for ruining her home by having an affair with” Smash Afrika”, a married parent of two. This came as a shock to the people of “mzansi “and her fans.


The award-winning singer’s wife discovered a picture of her husband and the radio host “kissing”. The source has indicated that the two has been having an wife behind his wife for sometime now and it just came out recently.

The singer’s love letters to her husband, showing her devotion to him, were discovered by “Kefiloe Chuene”who is well-known as the daughter of “Rami Chuene”.





“Kefiloe “said he would eventually give the public more information on the incident, according to Sunday World. She said she is just holding herself for now for the sake of herself the kids and the family’s image.She said she respects her husbands image despite what he did. That’s the reason she’s keeping the information for now.

“There is a protection order that prevents me from speaking to the media about these issues, but I will speak out one day,” she stated. She said the public can expect a tell all story from her one day as she is not going to hold it with her forever.

Three months after the incident, a family member of “Kefiloe “explained how it harmed the marriage.How the damage it has caused to the family and the consequences of their actions the family is coming across now.

She said after she found out about her husband’s mischievous behavior things are no longer the same at home as there is a tension and she feels that her husband ruined things as he betrayed her and their marriage vows. She said that trust is no longer there.