5 SA celebs have bad English Fans think these

South African celebrities have fans in and out of the country, and they maintain a good relationship with fans through steady communication.

While it’s okay to relate with Mzansi using local languages, it’s detrimental to their career if they can’t communicate properly with their only-English speaking fans.

In a bid to protect their relationship with English-speaking fans, some of these celebs make blunders; not once, not twice but multiple times, and their (bi-)lingual fans have called their attention to these errors.

It’s quite interesting to see that some South African top stars who are musicians are not fluent English speakers, but they have a huge fan-base.

Some of these fans have urged them to get an English teacher to help learn the language, which in turn, will boost their career, making them have a huge fan base at the international level, and will also aid in securing international deals.

Below are 5 top celebs who have bad English:

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is famously known as a rapper, and he’s collaborated with foreign musicians. Well, we can rate his English average, but fans seem disappointed at the rate which he makes blunders in captions or tweet. He brags about not being a graduate, but that doesn’t permit him to confuse minds with words which are perceived as blunders.


Makhadzi is arguably the hottest female musician in the country currently, and she’s being urged by fans to get an English teacher due to the bad grammar she writes on social media. It is quite understanding that her background didn’t give her the grace to be a fluent English speaker, but it’s not late for the 25-year-old to grow her brand.

Kabza De Small

The most streamed artist in South Africa can’t write a complete sentence in English? Wonder why he stays at home gigging rather than take Amapiano sound across the globe. Well, Kabza does not make blunders publicly, as he speaks his native language in stead of making mistakes, but this act of him being mute a times worries fans who expects the King of Amapiano to communicate with them constantly. It’s not late if he gets an English teacher, it will benefit him a lot.

DJ Maphorisa

Asides being hot on deck, he spits one of the hottest verses, however, he sees no shame in constantly making blunders while tweeting. This act of his is ill to his brand, and fans have urged him to get better.


JazziQ is one of the hottest Amapiano producers in South Africa, but he needs to recruit an English teacher, so his fluency can be as dope as his fashion sense.



Well, you might question the fact that most of these musicians have international audience, then how did they go about garnering such fans – You should know that they produce good and appealing songs which gives the ears orgasm; it’s also worthy to note that linguists believe no language is superior to another, hence, it’s part of humans’ behaviour to embrace foreign languages despite having no-knowledge of it