30 Super Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails 2019

Art is an effort in action and the bigger the art dimension is, the more it attracts public interests and following. People recognize the time and dedication that the artist allotted for a huge masterpiece that is why we cannot help it but to be in awe and in amazing always when we see these grand spectacles.

However, for some, they also see value in doing art in small spaces. The same, if not more, amount of focus and accuracy is needed in achieving art designs in small canvasses especially if the art facet is not well known for minimalism. Such as in nail arts, designs are usually rendered on long, elongated nails for emphasis yet we see a new trend that is coming out right now that showcases a portfolio of amazing design themes rendered on short nails. Short nail designs are more defined, most of the time simple and plain. Beads and shiny stones are sometimes embedded on surfaces to add texture and drama to the design.