3 friends opened a restaurant in Pretoria and they used to sleep at the restaurant

They have made great establishment for themselves, and they will become dependent on themselves. It may not be good to become dependent on someone or your partner. Having to make demands on someone’s money it would not be good. For the three ladies, they have changed that of reality of life.







Their hard work as well as sleeping at the restaurant should be taken for a good motivation for ladies or young girls that anything is possible that they want to achieve. Their success was not something which it has happened overnight and it took time for them achieve success. Sleeping at the restaurant was a huge sacrifice.

Life has changed and their are a lot of opportunities that many people would take for themselves. If it does not appear, you have to create one for yourself. The ladies have done by establishing a restaurant. They have created employment opportunities for those who are now working at their restaurant.

It is with high hopes that they will manage the establishment very well and they would not have dispute in the long run and splitting apart. While still on the split, Black Motion has been going through a tough time and it has left fans unhappy, hoping that Bongz will come back, but with the recent fight, it will not happen.

From the pictures shared, it shows the establishment being fully packed. Working as a team is good because all of them are able to invest different skills and they want it to reach success. They are having the same outcome which is to become successful. Many business individuals have started from that level and went on to have big businesses. Someone like Lekau Sehoana will be someone who has made it from nothing and it is already possible anyone.

“On the 26th of December 2019, 3 friends opened a restaurant. They had to sleep at the restaurant and guard it because it didn’t even have security or doors. Today the restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Pretoria. It is called Something Sosha.”