Andisiwe Dweba fashion look

Andisiwe Dweba is a South African actress best known for her recurring role as Getty on SABC1 soapie drama Generations: The Legacy.
Here are facts you didn’t know about Andisiwe Dweba:
1. Andisiwe Dweba was born in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.
2. She studied drama and live performance at AFDA in Cape Town, Western Cape.
3. Andisiwe’s first acting role was on SABC1 comedy-drama series Khululeka Siyavota.
4. She is currently staying in Johannesburg, Gauteng.
5. She once auditioned for the role of Priska on Generations, but she lost to Zikhona Sodlaka.



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Pedi traditional dresses wedding gowns

It was, however, these colourful traditional sePedi outfits from the singer that caught our attention. In her first look, Winnie wore a traditional pleated sePedi peplum top paired with the Pedi wrap skirt and a popping pink and blue head wrap.

Her second, and more casual look, saw the singer in a Pedi wrap skirt, head wrap and white graphic tshirt. Both looks featured traditional Pedi beadwork, which completed the ensemble beautifully.


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Lerato Kganyago fashion look style

In keeping with advice she’s received from her doctors, Lerato Kganyago has announced she would be taking a break from the DJ life to focus on her health.

While it remains unclear what health challenges Lerato is facing, the Metro FM personality told fans she was unwell and needed time to heal, which meant she had to drop some of her DJ gigs that often require her to travel long distances.

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African Mini dresses look 2021

Beautiful African Dresses Styles for ladies has for an extended time, been sitting on the fence together with her quality curves, holding on the brink of her African print. Fashion, though appreciated in little ways, was nothing on her top list of priority. Lately, this reality is not any more, with most girls becoming more conscious of fashion and African dresses styles. This has resulted in additional and more creation of African dresses using kente, Ankara, Kaba and kitenge among other African prints. within the latest African dresses series, designers have focused more on precision and equipping the fashionable African woman with the proper designs that complement her curves, occupation and performance .


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top short African dresses 2021

Today, it’s all about these lovely African tops that make a great addition to your closet. Sometimes, we just need that quick top to throw on when we need to go out. But the beauty of these tops is in their versatility, as with the right skirt or trousers and accessories, they can pass for a good outing top.

This is lovely dress you will really love. you don’t need to bother yourself about you measurements, just send your portrait picture then we would sew what you will really love

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shweshwe traditional dresses 2021

The vibrant colourful and patterned Shweshwe Prints have dominated the African Fashion scene in South Africa. It has also come to be known as a representation of things “Traditional African”, infact, just a little patch of Shweshwe added to a product could redefine that commodity as Afrocentric. We have also seen local and international celebrities rock shweshwe, and Shweshwe designs have also been featured on local and international runways too, but what is Shweshwe ?

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beautiful Africa Dresses For woman 2021

Here are the latest ovation Ankara styles or beautiful latest African  styles. The best thing about Ankara fashion is that they are available for ladies of all ages. You don’t have to worry about your figure. You can be a slim bodied person or a full-bodied person, Ankara is going to make you look elegant.

Usually, they are worn at weddings, high profile occasions or even night outs. These days, such designs are available locally too which you can wear in an office or on regular hangouts. That means you can outshine your coworkers with an Ankara that is trendy and in fashion.

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Lusanda Mbane fashion Style

Lusanda Mbane is an actress who has discreetly mastered the art of wearing many hats. Considering the several engagements she has, one wonders how under heaven that is even possible. When she is not shooting for Scandal, an eTV soapie, the actress is a radio host, business lady, and philanthropist. Earlier on, she has played roles on other leading soapies like Muvhango, Generations, and other productions, including Tempy Pushas and Soul City. Currently, Lusanda is the Managing Director of her recruitment company, and what’s more, she produces and hosts a show on Tru FM.

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Latest Styles African Dresses 2021

One of the challenges that we face as ladies is making sure we have a style that doesn’t fade on time. When we want to make an impression, we go for fabrics like Kente that has become our signature. We have come up some stunning Kente styles that will not fade away any time soon.Africans love the traditional attires which is the reason why we are super excited with Kente. Kente has graced many fashion shows both abroad and here in Africa. There is hardly an event where this fabric doesn’t change the way we view traditional attires. Whether you are heading for a wedding or party, Kente will always stand out.


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Stylish Africa Styles For Ladies

Modern Africa styles in 2021 have become more fascinating and we have gathered a list of some of the best ones you would love, these styles show fashion can only get better, they are simple and easy to recreate and interestingly is how these styles accentuate shape and make one you appear classy and elegant.

These modern Ankara styles are hot and come in every form, from skirt and blouse to short and long gowns and jumpsuits are not excluded.


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