Cute African dresses: Trending in 2021

Everybody wants to try new fashion dresses in order to look trendier than others. A certain number of factors contribute towards making an individual stand out from the rest. One of the biggest factors is perhaps the kind of clothes that are worn. In this 21st century, what we wear speaks a lot about us, just like it did in the ancient times. In this article, we are going to talk about modern African dresses; dresses which will define your high standards as people gawk at you with fascination.

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Beautiful Shweshwe Dress Designs 2021

Well… What can I say? Today’s featured wedding is full of twists and turns. From the proposal story to guest’s who found it rather difficult to find the venue. This wedding was simply an Experience. I love the proposal story. It’s such a special touch to melt two coins from different countries to make rings (brilliant and unique idea).

Liapeng and Greg had a white wedding in Germany and a traditional sotho wedding in South Africa. For their traditional wedding. They had African dancers, delicious African food and judging from the images lots, and lots of laughter.

From traditional clothes to street wear to haute couture: isiShweshwe’s material transition from the realm of workwear to sought-after fashion was unexpected but instant.

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Nolo Seabi fashion look Style

Nolo Seabi is a South African TV Presenter and actress popular for her role on Isithembiso and currently playing Seipati on Scandal! Her storyline is relatable to most women and she executes it flawlessly. Picking up the pieces and punching above her weight to get back her son just makes fans want to know more about her offset persona. Find out in Nolo Seabi Biography (Age, Children, Boyfriend, Pics, TV Shows, Net worth, Scandal!)

Joining the entertainment industry comes by chance. “I didn’t know that I wanted to be in the industry. I wanted to be an air hostess at first. Then that changed to being a doctor. Then I wanted to work with dead bodies, performing autopsies, but that freaked me out. So, then I wanted to get into forensics but again I changed my mind. While doing Grade 8 I decide to do a TV presenting course and was hooked. That’s when I knew I had to be in front of the camera,” she says. Subsequent to graduating from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, she puts her dexterities to the test.


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Candy Magidimisa look style


King Candy Magidimisa is a 29 year old actress who plays a role of Shaz Mukwevho on Muvhango.

It’s been a while ever since Candy Magidimisa joined the cast of Muvhango. She started as Mpho’s friend who was Chief Azwindini Mukhevho’s wife. They were moving as a group of four slay queens of Thathe on Muvhango. Candy Magidimisa has gone through difficult times in Muvhango by the time she was mentally disturbed and looking for her biological father.

Candy Magidimisa was able to found her father which is Gizara Mukwevho but her sister didn’t welcome her at that time, but on the other hand her sister’s mother was able to accept her as her husband’s daughter, she even offer her a job as waitress in her coffee shop.



Candy Magidimisa’s recent photos are stunning judging from her character she always looks natural. Her hair is natural it looks like she doesn’t like weaves and locs that much. She wear weave sometimes when she is at home.

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Phindile Owner Gwala fashion look

Do you know that after graduating from the high school, Phindile Gwala studied her entrepreneurship studies at Raizcorp? Well, she is a true definition of brains and beauty. Her career took a different path when she started doing stage plays in various theatres in South Africa. But wait, how did Phindile Gwala become Nonny Muvhango? Read on to find out!

After playing the role of Nonny on SABC soapie Muvhango, where she played the role of a drama queen due to her bubbly personality, Phindile Gwala later decided to resign. She announced to the world that she would be leaving Muvhango and grow beyond her brand.

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