Zulu Wedding dresses traditional style

new Zulu Dresses have been shaped over the years through its cultural traditions as well as foreign influences. Modern Zulu Traditional clothing designs have carried the ancient clothing influence blending it into modern designs which are still relevant to the Zulu culture, showcasing the traditional fashion sensibilities of the Zulu culture traditions and forms one of the major cultural facets of the new civilization.
Every season, designers create fresh new, nevern been seen modern Zulu Dress designs for every taste. Here are this seasons top trending modern Zulu Dress Designs:
Zulu lady in her imvunulo traditional attire: black top with black patterned skirt, colourful beaded apron and arm band, leopard skin bib and red beaded isicholo hat.
Zulu man in his ibheshu traditional attire: leopard skin bib, animal fur skirt, head band, leather shield and spear.

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Affordable & Modern African dresses

Styling is one of the most important things is today’s life. A person’s personality reflects in the form of styling they choose. There are different types of African dresses available in so many renowned brands. Nowadays, top most brands are showing African dresses in their different outlets and also on online platforms. So many different African dresses are covered for all body types. Height and weight do not matter; fashion is all about choosing the right style. An African dress emphasizes attractiveness and femininity for ladies.

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Traditional African dresses for kids

Ordinarily, parents get to choose what their kids put on until they get conscious about themselves and can tell what is good to them and what is not. Until then, the choice of dressing solely lies on the parent and even when they get older, the purchase of any outfit is of course subject to the parent’s approval. In this day and era when people have soberly become cautious about their mode of dressing, the kids closet similarly needs to be in check with some impeccable elegant African dress designs for the girl child.

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traditional dresses from South Africa

The vibrant colourful and patterned Shweshwe Prints have dominated the African Fashion scene in South Africa. It has also come to be known as a representation of things “Traditional African”, infact, just a little patch of Shweshwe added to a product could redefine that commodity as Afrocentric. We have also seen local and international celebrities rock shweshwe, and Shweshwe designs have also been featured on local and international runways too, but what is Shweshwe ?

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New Nail Art Designs and Ideas

No more chipped nails in 2020—I want better for you. In fact, it’s time to step up your nail art game all the way; life’s too short for boring manis, you know? Think back to how many times you’ve worn the nail color that’s on your nails right now. Exactly. Too many times.

A whole new decade means a whole new outlook. On the list of things that the new year will bring, let’s manifest that nice nails are also a part of that narrative. Like a fresh haircut, fresh nails can completely change your attitude. New York City-based editorial nail artist and fashion week veteran Miss Pop is here to download you on the biggest nail trends of 2020. Scroll on for the manis that’ll bring on all the double taps on the ‘Gram.

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