Joburg mayor to meet ‘stakeholders’ to find way forward in midst of coronavirus

Johannesburg mayor Geoff Makhubo said he would meet stakeholders in the city to discuss a way to deal with the coronavirus, after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation at the Union Buildings on Sunday evening.


Ramaphosa declared a state of disaster after the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus reached 61.

The president implemented bans and restrictions regarding schools, universities, prisons, visas, travel and group gatherings.

Makhubo said he would meet stakeholders to find “measures aimed at complementing and enforcing the presidential pronouncements for the safety of residents”.

“We have been in contact with national and provincial governments, since we are district, but interrelated.

“We have a comprehensive integrated response. The president has spoken and we will be localising the interventions, which we will discuss with all councillors.”


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Coronavirus cases surge past 50, as 13 more patients confirmed


The number of people positively diagnosed with the coronavirus in SA has increased to 51.


The health department announced an increase of 13 patients on Sunday morning – from  38 cases recorded on Saturday.


The health ministry announced that seven of the new cases were in Gauteng, five in the Western Cape and one in KwaZulu-Natal.

This is a developing story.



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Plane with 146 South Africans returning from Wuhan arrives in SA

An airbus A340-600 carrying 146 South Africans coming from Wuhan, China, arrived back on home soil on March 14 2020. The plane arrived at Polokwane international airport where he military-led repatriation mission reached its final stage.

The South Africans evacuated from Wuhan — the coronavirus global epicentre — have arrived back in the country after a 14-hour flight.

SAA flight ZS-SND touched down at Polokwane International Airport on Saturday morning.

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Simple shweshwe dresses we love It

Best Shweshwe Dresses Of This Week, The corset top seems to be accepting ore accepted in the Shweshwe Dresses department; we are seeing added and added of this adult appearance daily. The corset top can be catchy to accomplish and if trusted in the amiss hands, it can end up in a appearance disaster; therefore, accept your clothier wisely if opting for this style.If you are beneath adventuresome back it comes to aggravating out new things, you can additionally analysis our aces of the best Shweshwe Dresses styles of the anniversary to get you inspired.

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Beautiful shweshwe Dresses Designs

Shweshwe is widely used in southern Africa to make dresses, skirts, aprons and wraparound clothing. Shweshwe dresses are used by all men and women of all the ethnic groups. It is also used to make accessories and upholstery Shweshwe dresses can be used in any event such as a wedding,a night party, a get together etc. It is perfect for any gathering. Here are some shweshwe dresses ideas. Take a look at it. Shweshwe dresses are always simple but elegant. You can wear white dotted blue shweshwe dress that has button at the side sleeves. The sleeves can be puffed. To Amake it more stylish you can add bow design on the belt. To make it more beautiful you can wear your favorite red pointed heels. Shweshwe dress can be choice for a wedding outfit. Peplum dress can designed with lace and shweshwe material to give it a sheer elegance and beauty. The top sleeve and shoulder part can be of net with pearl and lace designs on it. To make it extraordinary you can style it with Ankara head wrap leaving your hair behind.


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pretty Swazi Traditional Attire

A lot of people think that African traditional clothing is the same for any ethnic group on the continent. But that’s wrong. Actually, there are many garments specific for a certain ethnos. And today, we’d like to show you the women’s folk garment used by the females of Swaziland. It’s rather simple but tidy and meaningful. And, by the way, pretty modest, as there is an opinion that African people wear only loincloths and roam around with bare torsos. Let’s bust a few myths about African traditional outfits.



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African dresses Ideas for baby girl

This toddler colourful dress is every thing your girl needs to shine in for that party or occasion or Christmas day and beyond .
Made with 100% cotton of African wax combined with red velvet. It is a perfect party dress for your baby girl.
Neatly made for your princess

For a custom made outfit, or in a case were the kid is chubby and bigger than the measurements provided below or smaller,
Kindly provide the measurement in this format.
Chest,waist,hip and desired length in inches or start a conversation for more enquiry

Kids’ fashion and style has emerged as a unique industry. The sense of dress-up and style is developed in a kid at quite an early age, which makes it perfect for huge brands and designers to launch unique kids’ collections. Mommies are often concerned about their children’s clothing options, but brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike, and much more have made it a bit easier. The colors are no more designated to specific genders; slightly, these are collectively used for baby girls and baby boys’ clothing items. African fashion is being loved by mommies all over the world because of its diversity and distinctive quality. African clothing material and prints are quite fashionable and trendy considering the latest fashion trends which incorporate all the strikingly bright colors and flashy shades that look chicer, especially on kids.

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