Cute! Khumo doesn’t want her ‘secret’ to be shared on the ‘gram


Tall Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu’s daughter Khumo is one of Mzansi’s cutest celeb kids. She had hearts melting when she was filmed telling her mom not share the “secret garden” with the whole world.



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Modern Homecoming Nails Designs

Newest Homecoming Nails Designs Forget about being either classic or too trendy. Homecoming is the time to let your close Goddess shine. And if it agency antic a beautiful nail design, again we say go for it! Modern mani designs ambit from subtler sparkles that aloof achromatize to added intricate geometric details. They altogether amalgamate assorted accents like gems, glitter, and rhinestones.



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Different African Dresses for Women 2020

These African clothing for women are the right attire to transform your look and boost your confidence this season. Our African dresses for women will make and stand out in any formal occasion, party, wedding, religious event, home-coming, African history month or family reunion. These clothing are carefully handmade by the best designers from Africa and can be ordered to your custom-fit 

So nearly tailored, so glamorous. That’s why at Afrinspiration, we speak the language of traditional African women’s clothing and African designs for women’s clothing. 


Choosing the right African dresses for different occasions is the first secret to being stylish and relevant. While there are attires that suit every occasion, there are specific African attire dresses that will only function for casual events or work as formal wear, anything else would be a case of misplacement.

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Covid-19: ‘It is not a negotiation – it’s the law’ – Bheki Cele’s stern warning on ignoring new regulations




Police minister Bheki Cele has warned there will be no negotiating with those holding gatherings of more than 100 people, or shebeens and pubs selling alcohol beyond 6pm to more than the regulated 50 people.



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The weekend with shweshwe dresses

Shweshwe Dresses 2020: Africa is the fundamental landmass

favoured with different social orders, lingos, sustenance, articles of clothing and people everything considered. Africa has always kept its traditions flawless till date. We all in all understand that fit and flare dresses compliment every sort of body whether you are fat, tall, thin or thin. African dresses are one among them in light of their outstanding style, uniqueness and decency. African women’s articles of clothing choices are commonly ultra female and imperishable pieces suggesting that you can wear these dresses every year with no faltering.




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gorgeous shoeshoe Dresses outfits

We will when all is said in done recognize complete included than film points of reference our arcade about Latest Shweshwe Traditional Dresses 2020.
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In the occasion that you got eyes for form,
you can’t dismissal string lace at whatever point you see it.

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