50 Beautiful Winter Nail Art Ideas 2019

Winter is starting to peek and this is one of the most exciting seasons of the year for fashion. You can mix and match your wardrobe and provide a statement. You would want to stand out from the crowd by looking extra special for the winter days ahead. When you have your hair and outfit down, make sure you also have a good manicure. Even though most of your body will be covered in layers of clothes your hands will be visible from time to time and you would want to make sure that your nails are on point.

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Different Hairstyle with Side Bangs for 2019

Side bangs are super popular right now. Wearing your bangs swept to the side gives a soft, relaxed look to your hairstyle and flatters your face. This article rounds up the best looks for 2019 and shows you all the different types of hair ideas you can try.Women are sometimes hesitant to have bangs cut into their hair, believing that it restricts the ways they can style their hair. Having the hair cut short in the front is a commitment that lasts until it can be grown out. These different looks will show you that there is no end to the possibilities when choosing a style with side swept hair. There are many styles featured that would look great during the growing out process.

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Sexy Red Acrylic Nails Ideas for 2019

Red Acrylic nails are the ultimate chameleon. Red has so many different nail designs. It can be both traditional and trendy, innocent and dangerous. You might love those black nail designs on a Friday night, but aren’t they a little much for Sunday brunch? And the classic, natural nail ideas look great with your work suits, but aren’t they a little, well, boring for Saturday?
Red never has this problem. Red is bright and put together, but it molds to whatever style you’re looking for that day. It’s a manicure chameleon. No wonder red has been one of the most popular manicure colors of all time, and that isn’t changing any time soon.

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Amazing French braided hairstyle 2019

The French braided hairstyle is a look that’s here to stay. With these 50 variations on the classic theme, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you. There are styles for medium hair, long hair, straight hair and curly hair. You can find a look for any mood, from restrained and classy to wild and crazy. Many of these braided hairstyles also show off the trendy, hot color combinations that are popular in the hair world today. You’ll be able to find just the right look for your chosen mood and for your hair type. Try a contemporary French braid and transform your hair with a new style.

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Hot Pastel Pink Hairstyle trend 2019

Of all the bright hair colors that have gotten trendy in the past few years, nothing has the staying power for the versatility of pastel pink hair. It is flattering to most skin tones, looks fabulous with blonde or brunette hair, and it’s one of those shades that’s less “in your face” than, say blue so it is a little easier to pull off. It’s also one of those shades that works well for every style. Classic, preppy, punk rock, goth, grunge, urban chic, the list goes on! Whether you’re a bright hair color veteran or virgin, pink tresses are definitely having a moment in 2019 and it is an awesome time for you to try the trend.


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New Holographic Nail Designs we will love

If you’ve followed any sort of social media trends recently, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about holographic nails. From runway models to beauty bloggers to Fashion Week, it seems like everyone is rocking this dazzling new look. Holographic nails are almost intimidatingly popular, but you don’t have to break the bank (or a nail) to get this shimmering, glittering, glamorous style for yourself—with our list of fifty awesome holographic nails, you’ll be sure to find the perfect nail art design that fits the unique, creative style of the nail addict in you!

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Top Short Nail Design Ideas for 2019

These  nail design ideas for short nails are classy, cute, and fairly easy to pull off! This season we’re seeing a lot of matte, classic white, and 3D designs. All of these are easily doable as long as you have the right polishes and accessories! Check out your local drug store department or beauty department to find super cute 3D nail accessories, stickers, and much more. Always make sure to have a matte top coat to achieve some of the matte looks and you’re good to go! These nail design ideas are specifically for short nails so check to see which one you like and try to replicate it! Happy painting!

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