Lovely Gold Nail Design Ideas 2019

After a winter of wearing only dark, sad, blah colors, I’ve shifted my obsessions toward the gilded and sparkly. But rather than slapping on a few coats of gold polish and calling it a day (what is this, amateur hour?), I’ve instead searched far and wide across the depths of Instagram to find the prettiest, most-inspiring gold manicures worth trying immediately.

And guess what? I found a treasure-trove—I’m talking shimmery hues, simple mattes, and glitter-packed designs that will make you feel super-cool and fancy, even if you most definitely aren’t. Like me!



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Cute Nail Designs with Diamonds 2019

Cuete Nail Designs with Diamonds bring with them a special type of allure as the amazing look that you can easily create with your very own nails is much easier then you may have thought. To help you get the best looking nails of the year, the following amazing unique diamond nail designs can be used for anytime of the year, are a great compliment for some of the most extravagant engagements, and can even be used for day to day wear.

Feel free to browse the latest and greatest images for the top Nail Designs with Diamonds as you can easily choose to save any nail design with diamonds or social share any diamond nail designs pictures with all of your friends and family. If you are looking for more of some of the best of the year, then be sure to check out this gallery of images that showcases these amazing nail designs with diamond pictures below.


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Baby african clothing Dresses styles for baby girl

In hot weather, African dresses and tops are worn with straps or bare shoulders. For small girls, the narrow straps should be tied in the form of bows. The best length of the outfit is just above the knees. If you choose a very short dress for your baby, then you need underpants or shorts. They can be made of the same or similar kind of fabric. These two characteristics are inherent in all designs for little girls. African dresses, tops, skirts additional décor. Dresses for little fashionistas are adorned with flounces, inserts, bows, and belts. Such gowns can have an asymmetrically cut. This season, designers try to avoid small details.

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beautiful kids ,God bless New born

The fashion of the kid’s clothing is as varied and changeable as for adults. Since the early childhood, a baby girl receives her first style lessons. Attentive parents should try to instill good taste in her from the early age.

Modern baby girl styles are quite diverse. A lot of Nigerian mums like to create cute images for their daughters using ankara styles. Bright colors and patterns are very suitable for small kids. And you cannot imagine an outfit for a baby girl better than ankara multi-colored attire in hot weather.

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Best Baby Photo Ideas ..Newborn pictures

Finding African clothing for your little one can some time require some serious searching on google or tracking down an African themed market close to your area. This is especially true if you live in America, Europe and Asia as part of the Diaspora. To help you out in finding lovely clothes for your children we’ve put together a list of wonderful children’s fashion shops selling African inspired designs. 



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