Medium Box Braids for black woman 2019

Do you own a medium length hair and want to try box braids? Medium box braids might take a while to do but the results are amazing. There are many benefits to such box braids, including low-maintenance and hair revival. If your locks are damaged, getting them into box braids can be very beneficial.
They are simple to remove and have to be touched up only once every 3 to 4 weeks. Girls love these braids for their versatility and impressive look which can be suitable for just about any occasion possible. You can wear medium box braids to the office, to a girl’s night out and even to a wedding. They will look gorgeous anywhere.


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Top South African Shweshwe Dresses 2019

I trust you’ve had an extraordinary end of the week and that this Monday is treating you well up until now. I burned through most piece of my end of the week on periscope watching passageway’s ideal communicate from NYC (my next occasion goal, sparing burdens for this one!) for wedding design week. Despite the fact that I was not physically there, I felt the expectation and energy while calmly trusting that the catwalks will start. Also, when everything commenced, I adored it.

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Newest South African Shweshwe Designs 2019

As Shweshwe continues to increase in demand and popularity, we should expect to see it become available in other countries but also provided by other companies. This includes additional counterfeits as well as quality producers with a competitive product.Dress with Shweshwe fabric has been compared to what other countries would refer to as denim. Several modern designers have taken to using the product extensively and can be seen everywhere from local South African dress shops to Pinterest to online stores that sell internationally. As dresses made with Shweshwe fabric become increasingly popular, the genuine Shweshwe fabric has to struggle with an increase in counterfeit impersonators that sell for half the price.

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Hottest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2019

Honey blonde hair tones give the perfect balance to women with blonde and brown hair seeking a subtle upgrade to their natural hair color without going overboard or making a drastic change. Slather the honey hues on as thick as you like, or just use them as a minimal highlighting option.
A honey blonde can look as tasty and sweet as its name suggests. Brighten up and revitalize boring and dingy mousey browns by incorporating one of these striking and dynamic honey blonde hair colors. If you’re not sure which way to go, ask your salon professional at your next hair appointment.

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Pretty Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas 2020

Do you want to quickly get catchy nails for Christmas? Curious about the hottest Christmas nail art design ideas that are presented for this year? There are many things that you have to do to welcome Christmas. You have to decorate your home to be able to celebrate this occasion and you also need to prepare yourself by choosing an amazing dress and elegant accessories that complement what you wear and suit this occasion. You have to pay attention to everything on this day even your nails. Choosing catchy nail art design ideas plays an important role in enhancing the elegance of your hands and increasing their beauty to the extent that you may not even need to wear expensive pieces of jewelry. Take a look at the following creative ideas to know how to get catchy nails and awesome hands.

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Braid Hairstyles for Black Women for 2019

Also, the African women can opt for wearing the box braid and kinky twist hairdos, which are from the traditional styles too. Concerning the first ones, you need to know that they are obtained by braiding 3 or 4 hair strands in a way that creates the shape of a box. On the other hand, concerning the kinky twists, they’re done by weaving two parts of the hair together into tight spirals. You have to know that both of these ‘dos can last for weeks if, and only if, they’re maintained properly. In addition to all of the last mentioned spectacular and fashionable, traditional hairstyles, the black bombshells can opt for wearing the other styles of braids such as; the fishtail and French ones. What can prevent them? Actually nothing!

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Best African Print Dresses Style for 2019

African dresses have something special that cannot be compared to other dresses. The designs imprinted on the dresses are so unique that no one can even imagine fabricating such designs. The designs also have some traditional values attached to it. African countries have started to shift from their traditional style of designing to a much more advanced and modern form of designing. The beautiful African dresses have gained popularity among Kenyas due to their unique style.

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south African short dresses trend 2019

Weekends are amazing! It is during weekends that we unwind and attend to things we couldn’t do over the work days. Most of us go for local attires that give you freedom and comfort to work around. Africa shweshwe short dresses 2019 styles have become one of the weekend’s attires that give us the platform we desire. The beauty of this print is that it comes in many designs and textures. Whether you want to have a short or midi style, Africa will not disappoint. We have taken out time to pull some of the finest designs that will impress you.

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AFRICAN BRIDESMAID WOMAN DRESSES Excellent African print style dress examples.  clothing dresses plans for ladies.
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South African customary dress examples wedding.
The 2019 bridesmaid dresses have finally been revealed and we’re loving how they’re totally mixing things up! These trendy bridesmaid dresses are moving away from the soft hues and feminine fabrics of seasons past. Instead, 2019 bridesmaid dresses
Still trying to decide on a colour for your bridesmaid dresses? Whether you’ve just started looking or you’re trying to narrow down your search, we’ve pulled together a selection of the best bridesmaid dresses for 2019.