Newest shweshwe dresses pictures 2019

Dress with Shweshwe fabric has been compared to what other countries would refer to as denim. Several modern designers have taken to using the product extensively and can be seen everywhere from local South African dress shops to Pinterest to online stores that sell internationally. As dresses made with Shweshwe fabric become increasingly popular, the genuine Shweshwe fabric has to struggle with an increase in counterfeit impersonators that sell for half the price. There are counterfeiters throughout Europe, South Africa, and China. These counterfeits can be identified by their inferior quality and lack of vibrancy in their colors. Counterfeits taking shortcuts in the quality and design can usually be identified after a single wash, while the original Shweshwe fabric is of significantly higher quality.


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Trendy South African Shweshwe Dress Designs

Shweshwe is a 100 percent cotton indigo cloth manufactured in South Africa by a company called Da Gama. Shweshwe has become a staple for South African woman who uses the fabric for the everyday dress as well as the traditional and formal wedding dress. It has even made an appearance on the runway, with modern dresses and couture becoming a new international trend. The Shweshwe dress is typically used in traditional ceremonies, ensuring the constant demand. Shweshwe dress fashion has become a staple throughout the country of South Africa. It has become an increasingly popular choice among brides as well, opting to incorporate the fabrics and designs in their wedding dresses and special ceremony. However, the fashion trend is also being seen internationally as well.

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Box Braids Hairstyles For Women 2020

The pictures below won’t teach you how to box braid like a pro but they will inspire you. If you want some tips on how to start braiding like this check out this tutorial.
You won’t be as fast as some of our African sisters in their shop but it’s a good start…LOL.
If you don’t have time to deal with your natural hair this braiding option is a wonderful solution.
You are able to rock a nice style and still keep those thirsty roots protected. Look good with less maintenance. You have to love that!


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New Natural Hairstyles For Black Women’s

Let’s make it clear: the braided hairstyles are good. Especially when you use extensions and synthetic hair braids — with them, you can do pretty much everything you want with your hair. However, they are not perfect, and you can’t wear them all the time — so if you think your hair needs some rest (or if you are just looking for some natural hairstyles), well, you’ve just come to the right place.
More than 80% of the world’s population has black hair color. If you are one of these blessed people, meet these great black natural hairstyles — we’ve compiled the best easy hairstyles for natural hair here and we are sure you’ll love all of them.

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Short Hairstyles For Black Women’s 2020

Are you an African American? If the answer is “yes”, we have another question: are you looking for some easy hairstyles to do yourself? Another “yes”, right?
Well, we definitely have something interesting here for you… And we’ll start with something LEGENDARY. If you have short/medium curly hair, the shag haircuts are most likely the thing you’ve already thought about (or even tried). But it doesn’t really matter, because this particular shag haircut will definitely surprise you. Why?
Because it has two great qualities: it’s very easy to do and to maintain, and it’s really beautiful. The length of your hair doesn’t matter, too — because the shag hairstyles look great on short, medium and even long hair. Check the first photo out and you’ll see that framing your face with a hairstyle has never been so easy!



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perfect Natural Hair Styles for Black Women 2019

Natural hair is becoming more and more popular as black women give up the costly salon treatments, pricey weaves and extensions and the damaging chemical treatments and opt instead for hair that’s natural and, as you will see in this photo gallery, quite beautiful.
But caring for natural ethnic hair can be daunting for women who have relied on salon visits in the past. In this article, we’ll discuss how to care for your natural hair and what to consider when getting your perfect haircut.​
Let’s start with styling those perfect curls.

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Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles for black woman 2019

Whether you like to wear your hair curly and full of natural texture or smooth and straight, a short haircut can make an excellent choice. All you need to do is find the perfect style for you. From beautiful pixie cuts and ultra-short crops to bold bobs and mini afro styles, short hair has more options than you might think. Here are the best hairstyles for black women that will leave a lasting impression.

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Gorgeous Pixie Haircuts for Black Women 2019

If you bear straight hair and you want to find a short hairstyle for your round face, the short pixie hairstyle can be your ideal option. Such style looks quite sexy and chic. In addition, it is quite simple to create. You can choose long well-defined bangs that can give you a charming and graceful look. Some short blunt bangs also look quite cool and luscious.
The above mentioned were some of the popular and trendy black women short hairstyles which are quite convenient to create and they look chic. Since there are a lot of short hairstyles, when you choose a hairstyle, it is wise to take your skin tone, face structure and life style into consideration.

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Medium box braids styles Pictures for 2019

if you are bold enough to make box braids, you will really appreciate your own effort. Girls who wear these braids forget about frequent washing and damaged hair. While cornrows might make your locks break, box braids have a reversed effect. Hair tends to grow better when tied into these braids. They are less exposed to the chemicals in the hair products and dirt in the air.
If you grow tired of these braids, you can easily get them removed without any hassle and enjoy the way your new and improved hair looks.

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