18 year old Ntswaki from Skeem Saam is actually married in real life.

We live in an era where genuine love is leading and wedding are no longer rare; it seems like every weekend there surely is a wedding somewhere. The younger generation is seriously tying the knot with those that they love.




Lethabo Mekoa who rose to fame a few weeks ago after making her grand appearance on Skeem Saam as Ntswaki is tying the knot today with her beloved husband who remains unknown. She went live on Instagram in the early hours of today and told her fans and followers that today is her big day.

She is well dressed with her makeup and weave neatly and perfectly applied. She has not yet shared more details of the venue of the wedding and time but she has shared that it will be taking place in Mpumalanga. Her older brother will be the one who is going to drive her to her wedding venue. She is very excited about this and she shared that she is adamant about her decision; no amount of words will stop her from marrying the love of her life.

She is wearing a Tswana dress and she is ofcourse a Tswana princess. She has not shared much about her soon-to-be husband apart from the fact that he is 5 years older than her, making him to be 23 years old because she is currently 18 years old. Her family is supporting her decision and her mother is very happy because she also got married to her dad at the age of 16 years old.

Ntswaki says her family has met her husband before and they loved him because of his humanity, humility and how considerate he is of others.