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Monday 10 October 2022

Episode 137

A drunkard loses his temper and makes a scary warning. All alone, a lonely man’s heart grow fonder and weaker. A mother is devastated that her old flame is not keeping her up to speed.
Tuesday 11 October 2022

Episode 138


Mbali and Winnie are both getting out of control in a weird way. Tlhogi is disappointed by what happens at the club. Lindiwe and Nhlamulo do not take Zinzile’s advice serious.
Wednesday 12 October 2022

Episode 139

Dudu wants Jojo to take Mbali and Winnie to court in order to prevent a loss. Lovers make a decision for the good of their family.
Thursday 13 October 2022

Episode 140

A mother tries to advice her daughter with the aim of bringing her back to reality. Taps cheats his friend in order to rescue his other friend. A discovery leaves a couple happy.
Friday 14 October 2022

Episode 141

Winnie learns Jojo’s other side and Mbali’s is still a determined woman and nothing will stop her. Taps is left shocked with what Nhlamulo shows him. Nhlamulo has no choice but to rectify an expensive mistake.