24 Years after divorcing Connie Ferguson, see recent pictures of Neo Matsuyane

Matsunyane has appeared in various films and TV shows as a well-known television host, voice actor, and director. Among the many films he has appeared in throughout the course of his long career in the entertainment industry are Red Scorpion (1988) and 7de Laan (2000). Despite being most known as Shona Ferguson’s ex-husband, Neo has had a successful work and personal life.

On January 17, 1967, the veteran entertainer was born in Johannesburg, but the details of his early years have not been made available. His scholastic record indicates that he was raised in a family that places a high importance on education, despite the fact that his parents’ identities remain a mystery. Neo graduated from Mafikeng’s Kebalepile High School in 1983 with a diploma in high school diploma in hand. His diploma from The School of Broadcasting was obtained after making a decision on his future work path. In 1994 and 1995, the South African Broadcasting Corporation and Bateleur collaborated to train Neo as a film director. His mentor at the time, Mr. John Rogers, helped him to improve his credentials in the entertainment sector.







At the Pretoria Technikon, he took a screenplay analysis course taught by Dov Simens, and he also took a Hollywood Film Institute course given by him.

As soon as he graduated from college and got his first job, he swung into action in the entertainment world, working on several projects.

In 1998, Neo became a household name as a result of his role in the film Kelebone. On the following shows: Class Of ’92 (a cameo appearance), On the Right Track (a cameo appearance) and Grondbaronne. Neo Matsunyane began dating Connie Ferguson, whose maiden name was Masilo, in the early 1990s. We don’t know exactly when and where they met, although it’s probable that it happened while they were both working as actors.

A few years after they wed in 1993, the two artists decided to split up for no apparent reason at all. Connie and Neo had been married for more than five years before they divorced in 1998.







After a few years of dating, Connie married Shona Ferguson in 2001. When Shona died in 2021, the marriage came to an end in tragedy. After Neo’s divorce from Connie, though, he hasn’t been seen with anyone romantically. In addition to pursuing his professional goals, he devotes much of his time to raising his family and becoming a grandfather. As a result of his marriage to Connie Ferguson, he has a daughter named Lesedi, as well as a daughter named Momo from a previous relationship.

As a family tradition, both girls have jobs in the entertainment sector.