Mnakwethu: Viewers suspect this weeks episode was staged

Mnakwethu is a pro-polygamy show hosted by Musa Mseleku who is a polygamist himself. The point of the show is to help men who are cheating on their wives introduce their mistress to their family. It’s quite odd but it is on it’s third season.

This week though, viewers were crying foul about it being staged.

Reality television is often structured and thought out by a creative team. This is simply part of process and it makes sense when you think of scheduling and all the behind-the-scenes work. However, the end product is not meant to convey that there is an element that is faked/staged.

The 28 year old who came to the show wanting polygamy yet having not been officially married to his first fiancee was quite a mess. I think though that it said fiance’s reaction that had people thinking something was wrong and I couldn’t blame them. Something felt off with how she looked to be smiling while being confronted.

Social Media Response




People took to Twitter to discuss their theories about today’s episode.

One viewer wrote, “Is it me alone who feels like this episode is staged? #Mnakwethu”

While another viewer wrote, “Hayi this 1st wife does not look surprised or sad she’s actually smiling. #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “There’s no way today’s episode is real😂😂😂mncane lo mfana (This boy is too young) #Mnakwethu”

I have a theory as well when it comes to this episode. The last few episodes we have had wives who blatantly refuse and rebel against Mseleku. In order to preserve the nature of this show, they needed a docile wife. This along with the fact that this weeks husband is a Maskandi singer, leads me to believe it may have been staged.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments…💬

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