The end of Shoki and Nkosi becomes the beginning of a beautiful path for Mampho and Nkosi.

House of Zwide continues to be one of the most watched soapie opera with over 500 million views daily in South Africa. There is always a scene that is causing everyone to be zealous of gluing themselves to their screens everyday from Monday to Friday at 19:00.






The love triangle between Nkosi, Shoki and Mampho is currently the scene that is keeping conversations going on social media about House of Zwide. Whilst some viewers are excited with Nkosi being there as the father of Mampho’s baby, some viewers are very furious of how Shoki has to bare with the situation and be considered as Nkosi’s second option.Mampho(on the left) and Shoki(in the middle) have never seen eye to eye from the first day they laid their eyes on each other. This was after Mampho was hired as one of the fashion interns at House of Zwide but later seduced Nkosi into bed where the baby was formed. Shoki and Nkosi come a very long way and this caused so many hiccups in their relationship because all this happened whilst they were in a relationship. Mampho took advantage of Nkosi after she heard that Shoki was still a pure virgin at that time and was not ready to break her virginity. Mampho became an opportunist and made her way in to Nkosi.In this whole situation, Nkosi and Shoki reconciled and because Nkosi could not afford to have his child suffer because Mampho has no source of income, he decided to do co-parenting with her. Nkosi explained the situation to Shoki, although it was not an easy thing for Shoki to understand Mampho moving in with the Zwides, she accepted it. She did all this because she loves Nkosi and is willing to support him in everything.Mampho has been mean towards Shoki as she feels that she is going to win Nkosi’s heart and the Zwide’s heart over with the baby. She has been saying bad things to Shoki and even went as far as telling her to just break up with Nkosi because he will not have time for her after the baby is born.In the latest episode, Shoki decided to backchat at Mampho because she was tired of the ill treatment. She said personal things that touched Mampho deeply and caused her to fall on the floor. Immediately when Nkosi arrived, Mampho was rushed to hospital but unfortunately they could not save the baby. Nkosi is very angry towards Shoki and is in deep sympathy with Mampho. He is willing to break up with Shoki after she caused his baby mama to lose their child and is willing to have a fresh start with Mampho.Sources:

-House of Zwide on ETV