10 Most Cute Prom Updos for Long Hair 2019

Prom is one of the most exciting events of any teen’s life. Many girls look forward to prom for years, starting from middle school or their earlier high school years. One of the most anticipated parts of prom–especially for teen girls–is what to wear. What will your dress look like? Do you want matching heels? How do you want your makeup to look? How will you style your hair?




This striking pinned updo is a classic prom night style. It is intricate, elegant, and eye-catching.

If you want a complete updo that keeps all of your hair secure, consider this style. Its twisted, pinned-up knots boost the volume in your hair, and its small jeweled clip in back adds a beautiful, gleaming finishing touch.

If you’re among the millions of teen girls who have been long awaiting your prom night, making all these decisions about your look can feel high-pressure and intimidating. Check out these ten gorgeous, trendy prom updos to take the stress out of your prom-ready hairstyle choice and discover the perfect style for your prom night look.







You can’t go wrong with a classic, simple twisted bun. If you have an intricate, eye-catching dress, an ornate hairstyle can just distract from your dress.

This straightforward yet flattering twisted bun adds style to your look without detracting from your special attire. The loose strands strategically left free in front and back add interest to this style and prevent it from looking boring or uptight